Beach Wedding in Hawaii Ideas

A beach wedding or vow renewal ceremony on the island of Oahu, Hawaii will make for a truly unforgettable day for any couple or family. Whether it’s your first time visiting Hawaii or you are returning for some more rest and relaxation, Islander Weddings in Honolulu, Hawaii offers affordable packages, plans, and services tailored for each couple’s desires. To make it a memorable experience for everyone, we have put together 10 reminders to consider before that special day. Here’s a short list of those 10 things recommended by

1. Dress comfortably for your beach wedding. Men will be fine with either khaki pants or shorts and a white shirt. No need for dress shoes. Brides should consider wearing a simple dress that is easy to walk in.  In many locations you’ll be walking over sand, so comfortable footwear like sandals work just fine.

2. Bring cool drinks like water if you like

3. Sunblock or sunscreen, sunglasses, straw hats (great for photos), or umbrella all help block the sun if necessary.

4. Transportation. Will you be needing a limousine or will you have your own transportation to get to and from your beach wedding?

5. Time of day for ceremony.  Early to mid-morning or sunset are best times. It is not as hot and colors are better for those magical photos you’re after.

6. Where will you be staying? It’s important that you can be reached at your hotel after your arrival, if necessary.
7. Beach wedding location.

8. Appointment with marriage license agent from the State of Hawaii.

9. Options at the beach such as heart shaped decorative flower petals in the sand, additional leis for guests, or a sparkling cider toast all add a nice touch.

10. The rings…don’t forget those!

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