Hawaii Beach Wedding

Affordable Hawaii Beach Wedding and Vow Renewal Services in Honolulu, Hawaii. Offering a Variety of Beach Wedding Packages & Locations on the Island of Oahu.

Just engaged? A simple, intimate beach wedding in Hawaii could be your dream come true. More couples are forgoing the big wedding production because of the high cost. Planning something smaller yet intimate and meaningful has never been easier. All too often couples start there marriage in debt because of the exorbitant cost. Why not plan a fun, small, intimate beach wedding in Hawaii with only your family and close friends? It’s the perfect idea. Have your beach wedding and honeymoon both on in Hawaii couldn’t be easier.

Islander Weddings in Honolulu, Hawaii is your one stop for your dream wedding in Hawaii. Couples tell us all the time how easy and simple it was for them to plan their wedding with us. Here’s 3 ideas to help you get started.

Choose a convenient time. Perhaps a one to two week stay in Hawaii would be ideal depending on your schedules. The island of Oahu is where most couples who come to Hawaii stay.

Make a budget. Your airfare and hotel stay will be your major expense. Whether or not you’ll need a rental car is another consideration. Often couples will opt for limousine service. Package plans start as low as $245. for an essential wedding plan. Probably having a professional photographer to capture your special moment is a really good idea. Photos or video will make a lasting memory of your Hawaii beach wedding.

Contact a wedding planner on Oahu. A beach wedding in Hawaii has never been easier. With just a phone call or email we’ll help you choose the perfect beach location.
There are several convenient locations within the Honolulu/Waikiki area. Or, for a more remote feel with fewer people we love Waimanalo Bay.

Well there’s three important things to consider for your intimate beach wedding in Hawaii. Make your dream wedding come true and contact us today. Aloha!

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