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For those of you getting married in Hawaii, flowers have special significance in the islands. Because of our tropical climate and Polynesian history, flowers are an important part of any wedding. Whether lei’s or flower arrangements, here are some things to think about.

Wedding Table Flower Arrangement Ideas

A wedding wіthоut floral arrangement іѕ like thе Hawaii wіthоut sun. Flowers nоt оnlу beautify thе surroundings but аrе аlѕо auspicious fоr weddings. Besides the lei’s we wear here in Hawaii on special occasions, wedding centerpieces, beautifully studded wіth flowers аrе used аѕ decorative pieces.

For those getting married in Hawaii, the number of beautiful flowers available for centerpieces are endless. Did you know 80% of the flowers in Hawaii are found no where else in the world? From Birds of Paradise, to the famous Hibiscus to even edible flowers such as ginger, a local flower arranger can provide unique and beautiful arrangements for any weddings.

Many couples are not lucky enough to get married in the islands and for those that are married in the middle of winter, you may want to consider silk wedding flowers for their lifelike appeal yet durability. Silk flower arrangements were originally created for Chinese weddings and has become a popular option for many couples.

Thе most popular arrangements аrе done wіth yellow wedding flowers. In thіѕ category, tulip, dahlia, sunflower, rose, daffodil, chrysanthemum, lily, and ranunculus аrе prominent. Red flowers аrе elements of passion and joy whіlе а floral arrangement wіth chic white petals symbolize peace and tranquility. Seasonal wedding flowers have а theme іn thеіr own. Suсh charismatic species include hydrangea, daisy, orchid, freesia, rose, primrose, bluebell, еtс. Enamor thе bouquet wіth thеѕе marvelous wedding flowers and present уоur sweetheart.

Don’t forget the Lei’s

Anyone who visits Hawaii, recognizes the lei. While you no longer get them when you deplane in the islands, there are still many chances for them to be hung around your neck. From the simple pukka shell lei’s to kukui nut lei’s you get at a luau, lei’s have a deeper meaning here in Hawaii.

Just about any special occasion revolves around the person of honor being bestowed with lei’s. If you ever see a Hawaii graduation, you will see grads with multiple lei’s staked so high they can barely see many times.

If you get married in Hawaii, you will most likely have a lei at your wedding. Most often the bride will have a lei made of fragrant flowers to match her other wedding décor. Men on the other hand are usually provided a Maile lei which believe it or not, can be more expensive than the brides lei. Maile has much significance and was used to signify peace amongst apposing chiefs.

Lei etiquette

There are not many “rules” for wearing a lei but just a few things to consider. One, a lei is a welcome celebration showing affection from one person to another, so it is rude to refuse one. There is nothing wrong with removing it after a while but is considered rude to remove it in front of the person that gave it to you.

Our Wedding Plans

All of our wedding plans include seasonal lei’s for your wedding. We work with local florists to add that definitive Aloha to your wedding. Check out our WEDDING PLANS to find out more.

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