Getting Married in Hawaii

Getting married in Hawaii is a fairly simple process in obtaining a legal marriage license with the State of Hawaii.

Couples desiring to get legally married in Hawaii can begin the process by following 3 easy steps:

Apply online by filling out a marriage license worksheet anytime within one year of your marriage date. Payment of $65 to the State of Hawaii should be made at the time you apply online. Keep in mind, your application is good for 1 full year from the date it is submitted online. To begin the application, go to

Next step in getting married in Hawaii, you have to meet with a Licensing Agent at the State of Hawaii Department of Health Marriage License Office.  Bride and Groom need to be present and have photo identification like a passport or driver license. Hours are 8:00am-3:30pm Monday thru Friday. If time is short or you need to meet with a marriage license agent on the weekend or after normal business hours, please contact the License Office at 808-586-4544.  For couples planning to stay on the North Shore of Oahu call this number: 808-293-6020.

On your wedding day, before leaving your hotel, don’t forget to bring your Marriage License Worksheet (and your wedding rings too!) with you to your ceremony. You both have to sign it together with your officiant. The officiant will take it after the ceremony and efile it later that day online. Once your license is filed, that it.  You can receive a temporary copy from the State of Hawaii online.  Just remember your license number.  If you are in Hawaii for any length of time after your wedding, you can actually go back to the License Office and pick up your actual licenser.  Otherwise the State will mail it to you about a month later by US Postal Service. For specific questions, call 808-586-4544.