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Get Married on a Secluded Beach on Oahu Hawai'i

Enjoy the unforgettable experience of a wedding along a secluded beach on Oahu HI. Reserve uninterrupted space for your special ceremony today.

Your dream of an outdoor wedding on Oahu is about to become a reality. You’ve considered popular locations such as Kahala, Magic Island, and Sandy Beach near Honolulu and even Haleiwa Ali’i Beach Park on the North Shore. While these are all amazing places for a ceremony in their own right, they aren’t quite what you’re looking for. You’re hoping for something a little more secluded.

Is it possible to have a private beach wedding on Oahu, or anywhere in Hawaii? Given that all beaches in the state are open to the public (unless a military base under federal control) there are no guarantees. That said, it’s entirely possible to get married with nary a soul in sight. You just have to pick the right location during the right time. Days, weeks, months, and seasons all factor into the viability of a “private” beach wedding on Oahu.

How are you to know when and where to book your ceremony? That’s what we’re here for.

Islander Weddings has been ushering couples and their guests into idyllic beach wedding settings on Oahu for 15-years and counting. We know the island and its beaches better than most, along with the idiosyncrasies and nuances of each. We know when it gets busy, and when your biggest competition for space are the honu and monk seals that come to shore to bask under the sun. As such, you may enjoy a semi-secluded ceremony at one of the more commonly frequented beach destinations  or tap into our knowledge of less-popular spots such as Papailoa on the North Shore, and beyond.

To reiterate, while there is technically no guarantee of a private beach wedding on Oahu, it will most certainly feel that way when you request an intimate ceremony through Islander Weddings.

In addition to consultation over which beach is best suited to your desires for an intimate ceremony, we take care of everything else. We will coordinate permit requirements and limo service along with photography and videography (as needed). All that you and your beloved need to do is choose the right package for you.  Please know that for locations on the North Shore as well as Ko’olina Resort we require an additional travel fee of $100. per vendor.  We are all located in Honolulu.

Oahu Beach Wedding Packages

Islander Weddings knows that not everyone has a big budget production in mind for their special day, especially when it comes to a semi-private experience. That said, some do. That is why we have made available a variety of packages to suit your wishes:

Questions About Your Intimate Beach Wedding?

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