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Magic Island Wedding

Magic Island Wedding

Where The Magic Begins

Located in the spectacular west end of Waikiki in Honolulu, Magic Island at Ala Moana Beach Park was recently the beautiful setting for a late afternoon sunset wedding . Ala Moana means “path to the sea,” which is reflected in the white sandy beach, swaying palm trees, and the serene turquoise blue waters.  It’s the best location in Honolulu for a sunset wedding.

So, for one special couple, Magic Island Beach was more than magical. They booked their wedding on short notice (less than one week). The Islander Weddings team recommended the stunning Magic Island at Ala Moana Beach Park for this special celebration. With help from the team, every task was completed on time, and their Hawaii wedding was amazing. 

Hawaii Wedding Photography

The couple’s closest friends and family were present to stand with them.  They exchanged vows before a stunning ocean view of  Waikiki, with a backdrop of the iconic  Diamond Head Mountain. The ceremony was complete with decorated tiki torches, rose petals, and beautiful orchid leis to sweeten the mood. After wedding vows were exchanged, the couple enjoyed a full beachside photo shoot.  From Magic Island the wedding party headed back into Waikiki for a fabulous dinner at the Hilton Hawaiian Village nearby. 

During their stay in Waikiki, guests found a variety of activities and scenic attractions to enjoy. By day, they could take in a hike to Manoa Falls, a stroll through a botanical garden, or sightseeing on a circle island tour. For those that love the nightlife, Waikiki has everything for dining or shopping. For the adventurous, there was plenty to do on the water including swimming, surfing, snorkeling, or a sunset cocktail cruise.  

Magic Island is a dream-filled sunset wedding destination. Let Islander Weddings on Oahu, Hawaii, be your wedding planner for a magical, lifetime celebration at the famous Magic Island at Ala Moana Beach Park. Plan ahead or come on short notice. We can make some island magic happen as you desire. 


Oahu Elopement Wedding Packages

Oahu Elopement Wedding Packages

If you are not convinced about all inclusive Oahu elopement wedding packages,  here are 10 good reasons to consider.   Just planning a wedding in your hometown is already a headache, why not try a beach wedding on Oahu?  You want your day to be memorable and special in more ways than one. You will want to marry in a unique way that’s your own. What better way than doing it than on Oahu, Hawaii?

Oahu Beach Wedding

Oahu Wedding Packages

Here are 10 Reasons to think about when considering a destination wedding in Hawaii:

  1. The destination is Hawaii, very otherworldly if you come from the north, yet more accessible since you don’t need a visa or a passport. As the 50th state in the Union, it means you are not obligated to apply for a visa just to travel there.
  2. There’s no language barrier. Sure, you want an exotic wedding, but you don’t want misunderstandings with wedding planners or professionals because you may get lost in translation!
  3. Hit two birds with one stone: wedding venue and honeymoon in one destination. Oahu Wedding Packages save you the hassle of going to another place for your honeymoon. So, when you marry in Hawaii, you can stay there for the duration of your honeymoon. There is swimming, snorkeling and trekking or just staying in to drink in the view while sipping your favorite beverage.
  4. You have a more flexible guest list. No need to apologize to uninvited relatives or friends. You invite anyone you want, or you can plan intimate nuptials with only you and your fiancé. An elopement to Oahu, Hawaii is romantic, special and intimately memorable, something to tell children and grandchildren in the future.
  5. You can choose from different venues, from the “conventional” beach wedding to an old Hawaiian diner wedding that’s extraordinary. Anything goes with Oahu wedding packages.

Not convinced yet?  Here are five more

  1. You may not believe this but an Oahu wedding package can save you more than a traditional home or city wedding. First, you have control over the guest list, so reception can just be a dinner for 2 or 10 people. Second, you can wear whatever you want. It could just be a beautiful flowing slip dress or a white tankini, no need for the expensive wedding gown. Third, it’s easier to stay on budget and not go overboard just to show off to guests or relatives.
  2. The wedding photos would be phenomenal. You may not be able to invite your whole clan but you can send them awesome wedding pictures that they will surely enjoy, with breathtaking views of mountains, the ocean and countryside.
  3. Did you know that it is easy to get a marriage license in Hawaii? All you need is proof that you are of age – 18 being the legal age. You do not need to be a US citizen or have a blood test. You just register online, complete the form and pay $65 plus $5 admin fee.
  4. A real chance to relax and actually enjoy your Oahu wedding package. Because you are not from Hawaii, you need the assistance of a wedding planner to make sure you get all the right vendors at your budget range. You get the service that you want for a reasonable price, be on budget and most of all, you’d enjoy your nuptials without worries. 
  5. So, did we say Oahu, Hawaii? Only one of the most beautiful places in the world to have the wedding of your dream.


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