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Oahu Wedding Packages for Two

Oahu Wedding Packages for Just the Two of You

You have realized that one of the key benefits of a destination wedding is that you can limit the “guest list” to just the two of you without offending anyone. Moreover, you know that Oahu is the best island for a destination wedding. The puzzle pieces are coming together quite nicely; now you just need to find Oahu wedding packages for two that suit your desires. That’s where Islander Weddings comes in. Below is everything you need to know to book your private nuptials with confidence.

Why Couples Who Want a Private Ceremony-for-Two on Oahu Choose Islander Weddings’ Wedding Packages


Best Island for Destination Wedding

Best Island for a Destination Wedding

The earth contains approximately 670,000 islands. The United States alone accounts for 18,617 of them. This can make choosing an idyllic isle for your upcoming union a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re big on doing research. The good news, is that your online search for “best island for destination wedding” has brought you here. With just under two decades of experience in facilitating paradisiacal weddings for couples from the U.S. we have already done the homework for you. We’ve chosen Oahu as our home base because we have come to the conclusion that there is nary a better option to get married than right here at The Gathering Place. Let’s review!

5 Reasons Why Oahu Hawaii is the Best Island for Your Destination Wedding

1. It’s Located in a U.S. State

You surely didn’t need this basic geography lesson, but you may benefit from some clarity on the matter. Given that Hawaii is a U.S. state, you enjoy all of the advantages that you may not otherwise get with islands in other countries and regions. You don’t have to worry about variances and unknown variables in currency, legalities, health and medical coverage, and more. The rights and conveniences that you are afforded in your home state carryover the 2500 miles from the coast of the continental U.S..

2. Easier for Guests to Get To

One of the benefits of a destination wedding is that you can limit your guest list without offending anyone. That being said, you may want the most important people in your life to attend. If you have the island wedding in a remote corner of the world (Indonesia, Caribbean, etc.) you limit treasured guest ability to make the trek. This is not a problem when it comes to Oahu. Hawaii’s biggest airport – Honolulu International Airport (HNL) – receives hundreds of flight arrivals from the USA over a 24 hour period. LAX alone averages 12 flights to HNL per day. Southwest Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Delta, American Airlines, Alaska and United along with international partners all fly directly from the U.S. mainland to Oahu. This fact makes the island the most accessible of all other islands in the North Pacific archipelago, and the world.

3. Infrastructure, Amenities, Activities, and Attractions

Oahu is the most “outfitted” Hawaiian Island (or among any other island for U.S. residents to consider) as far as infrastructure and amenities are concerned. While certain parts of the island (North Shore, Kaneohe, etc.) may feel far removed from civilization, you’re never more than a stone’s throw from a major highway, shopping center,  luxury accommodation, or Zippy’s. Furthermore, there are a bounty of activities (snorkeling, scuba, surfing, hiking, etc.) and attractions (waterfalls, galleries, museums, etc.) to make a part of your pre-wedding and honeymoon experiences.

Whatever you need before, after, or during the big day, it’s all accessible on Oahu.

4. 227 Miles of Coastline

You want to have a destination wedding on an island because you desire to say your vows against the backdrop of sand, sea, and swaying palm trees. While most tropical islands can offer as much, they are limited as far as accessibility to ideal beaches. As a result, the beach (or nearby park) you want to get married on could be packed with other couples, all waiting for their turn to tie the knot. Oahu however, boasts 227 miles of coastline, and much of it is accessible for your wedding with an easy to secure (through here) permit. Have a look at the following locations, made accessible via Islander Weddings:

5. Access to Best Outdoor Wedding Packages

The final thing that makes Oahu one of the world’s best islands for a destination wedding is reasonably priced access to outdoor wedding packages. Whether you have an elopement or something more extravagant on the mind, you can have exactly what you desire for your outdoor wedding. View available Hawaii wedding packages here.

Want to learn more about why Oahu is the best island for your destination wedding? Or are you convinced and ready to book your wedding package? Contact Islander Weddings today!

CALL: 1 (808) 354-3771

EMAIL: [email protected]



Benefits of a Destination Wedding in Hawaii

Benefits of a Destination Wedding in Hawaii

You’re struggling to decide between a wedding in your home city/town or within the archipelagic embrace of Hawaii. While the latter may seem too whimsical to be realistic, there are actually practical benefits of a destination wedding in the 50th state. Before you send out your “save the dates” have a look at the advantages of wedding in our far-flung paradise.

4 Practical Advantages of Having a Destination Wedding on Oahu Hawaii

Wedding and Honeymoon Rolled Up in One

With each passing year, the island of Oahu continues to be among the top-ranked honeymoon destinations in the USA.  By tethering your wedding to the very place you desire for your honeymoon, you make life much easier for yourselves. Logistically speaking, you will enjoy having the whole affair occur in one place. Moreover, you can save money by packaging two experiences (wedding and honeymoon) into one destination. SImply out, this is the most practical (and obvious) benefit of a destination wedding.

Limits Guest List

The size of the guest list is what ultimately consumes most of a couples’ wedding budget. Wedding Calculator reports that the average cost is $250 per person. This fact encourages couples to mitigate expenses by cutting down the guest list. The problem with this, is that you risk offending friends, family, coworkers, and associates with each and every exclusion. This puts you in a very tough spot when getting wed near home. Conversely, when you have a destination wedding, you can be sure that a significant percentage of invited guests will not RSVP. Many will not have the time to attend a wedding in Hawaii. Furthermore, you may omit inviting a number of prospective guests. People you work with, neighbors, and distant cousins (etc.) would not expect to be invited to a destination wedding.

When it comes to managing your guest list, a wedding in Hawaii delivers a win-win scenario.

Save a Small Fortune by Wedding Outdoors

The top two benefits (above) of a destination wedding allude to saving money. It doesn’t stop there. When you plan a wedding in Hawaii, you enjoy another cost-saving option that may not have been viable on the mainland – an outdoor wedding.

Not every city and town in the USA is conducive to such a thing, especially if y0u plan a wedding outside of ideal summer months. When getting married on Oahu, you can skip expensive resort chapels and ballrooms, and instead leverage the island’s bounty of 227 miles of shoreline. Along the shores are numerous beach parks and other lush properties that are equally idillic (if not more so) for your wedding than the designated square footage of a 5-Star resort. All that it costs is a wedding permit (click here) and affordable wedding package of your choosing.

Nothing Can Go Wrong, Even if it Does

Thus far, we’ve featured very practical benefits of a destination wedding. This last perk may not be “practical” but it’s very important. You want your wedding day to be perfect, Of course, perfection is often unattainable, and when it comes to the big day something can go wrong. Guests may arrive late, you may tear or stain your dress, you may forget to bring something important, and more. It can be a tough pill to swallow when getting married in your current area code. But when you’re in paradise, the potential challenges and stresses slide off of your newly tanned shoulders to disappear into the golden sands.

Note: Ensure greater odds of success of a perfect wedding by choosing a package that includes everything you need and desire.

Want to learn more about how to best reap the benefits of a destination wedding on Oahu HI? Or are you convinced and ready to book your wedding package? Contact Islander Weddings today!

CALL: 1 (808) 354-3771

EMAIL: [email protected]


Waikiki Beach Wedding


Some of the best Hawaii wedding venues are right outside your hotel at Waikiki Beach. Once a retreat for Hawaiian royalty, who went to enjoy surfing, Waikiki Beach in Honolulu is a two mile stretch of white sand beach with the ocean a crystal clear torquoise color. It is one of the most recognized, iconic, and romantic beaches in the world, no doubt.  Visitors come from all over the planet to experience the Aloha of Hawaii.

So many oceanfront Waikiki Beach venues

A Waikiki Beach Wedding with the iconic Diamond Head mountain for a backdrop will leave you with a lifetime memory. The atmosphere is alive, thriving with ocean activity all along this scenic stretch of coastline.  Here you’ll find the perfect oceanside beach venue for an unforgettable sunset wedding ceremony.  There’s Duke Kahanamoku Beach, Hilton Beach, Fort DeRussy Beach, Royal Hawaiian Beach, Queen’s Beach, and Kaimana Beach at the very east end of Kapiolani Park.  So when considering a wedding in Hawaii, there are many choices.  Which beach is closest to your hotel or condo? This is something to consider.

Hawaii Elopement Wedding and Vow Renewals

Oahu’s picture-perfect shoreline along Waikiki Beach is an  ideal destination wedding venue.  Couples looking to tie the knot and start their romantic honeymoon need look no further.  Also many couples choose to renew their vows in such an enchanting setting. The great thing is, these beaches are walking distance from just about any hotel making a Waikiki Wedding really convenient since transport is not really necessary.

Contact Your Hawaii Wedding Planner!

Let’s start planning the Waikiki Beach wedding of your dreams, with a customized, all inclusive, full-service wedding package designed to cover all the details so you can effortlessly celebrate your special day.  Whether you want to elope in Hawaii, or bring family and close friends, it’s easy to get started. We offer one full hour of professional wedding photography and videography, ready to capture those breathtaking moments. So start planning your wedding in Hawaii today and come to paradise.


Magic Island Wedding

Magic Island Wedding

Where The Magic Begins

Located in the spectacular west end of Waikiki in Honolulu, Magic Island at Ala Moana Beach Park was recently the beautiful setting for a late afternoon sunset wedding . Ala Moana means “path to the sea,” which is reflected in the white sandy beach, swaying palm trees, and the serene turquoise blue waters.  It’s the best location in Honolulu for a sunset wedding.

So, for one special couple, Magic Island Beach was more than magical. They booked their wedding on short notice (less than one week). The Islander Weddings team recommended the stunning Magic Island at Ala Moana Beach Park for this special celebration. With help from the team, every task was completed on time, and their Hawaii wedding was amazing. 

Hawaii Wedding Photography

The couple’s closest friends and family were present to stand with them.  They exchanged vows before a stunning ocean view of  Waikiki, with a backdrop of the iconic  Diamond Head Mountain. The ceremony was complete with decorated tiki torches, rose petals, and beautiful orchid leis to sweeten the mood. After wedding vows were exchanged, the couple enjoyed a full beachside photo shoot.  From Magic Island the wedding party headed back into Waikiki for a fabulous dinner at the Hilton Hawaiian Village nearby. 

During their stay in Waikiki, guests found a variety of activities and scenic attractions to enjoy. By day, they could take in a hike to Manoa Falls, a stroll through a botanical garden, or sightseeing on a circle island tour. For those that love the nightlife, Waikiki has everything for dining or shopping. For the adventurous, there was plenty to do on the water including swimming, surfing, snorkeling, or a sunset cocktail cruise.  

Magic Island is a dream-filled sunset wedding destination. Let Islander Weddings on Oahu, Hawaii, be your wedding planner for a magical, lifetime celebration at the famous Magic Island at Ala Moana Beach Park. Plan ahead or come on short notice. We can make some island magic happen as you desire. 


Hawaii Destination Wedding Packages

Hawaii Destination Wedding Packages

Looking into Hawaii destination wedding packages? Below is a list of our Wedding Packages. These are suggestions to give you an idea of what we offer compared to the average cost for a wedding in Hawaii.  Start here to choose from our; Essential Plan $295., Extra Plan $645., Elite Plan $945., or Extravagant Plan $1545. We strive to keep our wedding packages affordable, simple, and all inclusive. Thus, taking the stress out of planning a Hawaii wedding from afar.  Contact us today and begin planning your dream with Islander Weddings.  For the most stunning beach wedding locations we love Waimanalo Bay, Makapu’u Beach, Sandy Beach, or Kahala Beach.

Elopement Wedding Packages in Hawaii

Have you been pondering the romantic idea of eloping in Hawaii?  Hawaii destination wedding packages provide everything you will need.   A complete elopement package will always include planning and consulting time with an experienced wedding planner.  Additionally, a licensed officiant to perform the ceremony and license filing with the State of Hawaii. Additional package options may include limousine  transportation in either an 8 or 14 passenger limousine, a live musician, flower leis, professional photography, videography, and more.

The best thing about elopement packages on Oahu is that there are different options available for every couple. We can customize your wedding package to exactly what you would like. Are you trying to save for airfare and accommodations? Then you can choose just the right package, beautiful and affordable. On the other hand, if you have a bit more to spend, you can choose one of the more expensive packages like the Extravagant Plan for an even more complete experience.

Hawaii Vow Renewal Packages

Renewing your wedding vows in Hawaii mixed in with a family vacation makes for a very memorable family time. If this all sounds like a dream, you can definitely see this dream come true for you, your spouse, and children.  A vow renewal ceremony in Hawaii is a stress free and meaningful  way for couples to recommit to each other.  It’s a great way to celebrate your love and commitment to one another.  There is no better place than Hawaii. Whether you’ve been married for fifty, forty, twenty-five, or even just one year, a vow renewal is a way to tell each other that you would marry them again all over again.

Some vow renewals include a few special guests, but couples also choose to have a celebration with just themselves and their kids. No matter what you choose, you’ll see that Hawaii was the perfect place for your Hawaii vow renewal.


Paradise Cove Beach Wedding

Paradise Cove Beach – Ideal Sunset Wedding

A Paradise Cove Beach Wedding or Vow Renewal is a great experience. Located at Ko’olina Resort, it is a small white sand beach tucked away down a beach walk path next to the Paradise Cove Luau grounds. In winter the waves can be seen rolling in and breaking on the protective outer reef of the cove.  It’s truly spectacular to watch.  Picturesque, golden sunsets can be a experience here, it’s quite amazing. Families with young children like to use the beach.  The water is rather calm due to the natural volcanic rock wall that acts to protect the beach area. It’s not unusual to spot a sea turtle in the cove or a Hawaiian monk seal resting on the beach.  If you do spot a monk seal on the beach it is recommended to keep your distance.  They come in during the daytime to rest.

Best Sunsets are in West Oahu

The best time of day is in the early morning or late afternoon for photos.  Sunset time is ideal.  It is a public beach but parking is limited unless you plan to go to the luau after your ceremony.  In this case you can park at Paradise Cove Luau. If you are staying at Aulani Resort or Four Seasons Resort Oahu you can easily walk to this beach.  If you are staying at the Marriott Beach Club, you may consider driving as it is about a 20-30 minute walk. So, Paradise Cove Beach is really ideal and convenient if you are already staying at Koolina Resort.  If you plan to drive from Waikiki give yourselves 1.5 hours of drive time in the afternoon.  We recommend this beach for a small group of 10-20 guests.

So, we highly recommend having a Paradise Cove Beach wedding or vow renewal.   If you are a guest at the Koolina Resort then stay put and take full advantage of this resort beach.  Not to mention, there’s a fantastic luau right next door.


Welcome back to Hawaii

Welcome Back to Hawaii

It took awhile, but we’re happy to say, welcome back to Hawaii!  2020 was a challenging year due to the coronavirus. But now, couples that are ready to schedule or reschedule their Hawaiian wedding event can do so now! Since October 15th Hawaii began welcoming back many couples once again to the islands. Many area hotels and restaurants are open for business too. So, we want to share some guidelines you and your family and guests must follow to ensure a safe and healthy celebration. Hawaii has started a Hawaii Safe Travels Program for your convenience. It’s a fairly easy and streamlined process.

Are you ready to plan your upcoming beach wedding or vow renewal? Keep in mind that the State of Hawaii requires all incoming travelers have a negative Covid-19 test result from 72 hours before departure.  Then you can begin the final leg of your flight into the Honolulu International Airport.  Anyone without a negative test must quarantine for ten days upon arrival. You will also be required to pass Hawaii’s pre-travel testing program including a temperature screening. There’s also a simple health questionnaire to fill out.  From there it’s “welcome aboard”!

Islander Weddings Hawaii

At Islander Weddings, we are excited to welcome you back to paradise. At the same time, we are following the guidelines defined by The State of Hawaii to ensure a safe and wonderful event for you, your family, and your guests. We believe you as couples can now safely plan or reschedule your long-awaited Hawaiian wedding. Just be sure to follow some easy guidelines. 

Whether planning an elopement in Hawaii or vow renewal your Hawaii wedding planner is here to help. It’s going to be a busy year at Islander Weddings, as 2020 had us shuffling and rescheduling more than a few couples plans. We look forward to helping you plan your beautiful Hawaii wedding on Oahu in 2021. We are step by step getting back to doing what we love.  Don’t wait to schedule your most treasured beach wedding at one the many beautiful venues on Oahu.  We are here to serve you and provide a safe, happy and healthy celebration of marriage. 

Please visit the Covid-19 State of Hawaii portal to learn more prior to planning your 2021 celebration with Islander Weddings. We want to safely welcome you back to the islands with Aloha!


Incredible Hawaii Wedding Venues

Incredible Hawaii Wedding Venues

Incredible Hawaii Wedding Venues are all around Oahu. A special wedding day is every bride’s dream. With over 2 million weddings happening in America every year, it’s difficult to find a way to put it all together to create a unique style to your ceremony.  That’s why choosing a wedding venue in Hawaii is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a memorable experience on this important day!

From the exotic and tropical atmosphere to the delicious foods you can’t find anywhere else, Hawaii wedding venues are impossible to beat. If you’re still on the fence, then keep reading. Listed down below are all the best reasons why Hawaii should be on your destination wedding list!

1. Say Your Vows in Affordable Luxury

When you first think of weddings in Hawaii, you might worry about the cost of indulging in such an experience. The fact is that many venues offer stunning deals to couples looking to make their dream wedding a reality.

Make sure to research the different Oahu wedding packages until you find something that works best for your desires and your budget.

2. Embrace the Tropical Beauty

Hawaii is a beautiful destination with stunning views that you could stare at for days. Hawaiian wedding venues make sure that the scenery is on full display around every corner. No matter where you look, there’s something that sparks inspiration and joy.

Lush green plants mixed with the colorful vibrancy of native flowers make for a gorgeous backdrop.  Imagine your beach wedding venue right in the middle of it all.

3. Enjoy Exotic Fresh Food

When you book a Hawaiian wedding venue at a luau, you’ll get to enjoy many kinds of delicious foods. Fresh pineapple, poi, kalua pork, lomi salmon, poke, to name a few.

It’s easy to dive in and try something new when you’re surrounded by all the hospitality that Hawaii has to offer. Staying at a hotel or condominium ensures that you’ll get the best of the best during your ceremony and all the days surrounding it.

4. No Need to Stress on Your Big Day

Trying to juggle all of the moving parts of a wedding is a huge stressor that no one wants during such an important moment. Choosing to have your wedding at a Hawaiian venue means that they’ll act as your Hawaii wedding planner.

Depending on which Hawaii wedding package you select, your wedding planner will take care of anything and everything. There’s no need to fret about the music or the decorations. Don’t worry about finding the best wedding photographer in Hawaii or the licensed officiant.  It’s all part of your all inclusive wedding plan.  Let your wedding planner take care of all that. Thus, leaving you to simply enjoy your wedding day to the fullest.

Wedding Venues in Hawaii Create a Magical Experience

With all of these reasons showing the lure of incredible Hawaii wedding venues, it makes the decision-making process a whole lot easier. Why settle for something ordinary when you can have a magical wedding that is full of rich experiences?

A wedding in Hawaii is a perfect way to start your new life as a married couple.

If you’re ready to begin planning your wedding journey, make sure to contact us and we’ll help you every step of the way!


Elopement Packages on Oahu

Elopement Packages on Oahu

Here is where you can learn more about Elopement Packages on Oahu. Marriage should be long-lasting and enjoyable A wedding on an Oahu beach will be memorable and enjoyable. When there are many stresses, it would be great to get married in Oahu beach free of stress and worries. We offer you convenient and amazing plans for beach weddings in Hawaii. Make the day memorable and beautiful. It is something special to get married on Hawaii beaches or to spend holidays together on Hawaii beaches. Our rates are very affordable and convenient. We make sure that you get the best marriage experience. 

Why an elopement on Oahu?

Hawaii has a beautiful island chain where people can get married. It is such a gorgeous place for one to start their marriage journey. Beautiful Hawaii beaches are just a pleasure to watch, and there is no other better place for a marriage to begin. Many couples tie-up with us and renew their marriage vows on Oahu beaches. With the serene breeze and great outlook, Hawaii beaches are just stunning. The marriage day is something special, and getting married at Oahu beaches would be a great event in one’s life.

Plan your elopement on an Oahu beach

We help in guiding you step by step and will assist in every step of the wedding party. We have different plans and ideas for anyone who wants to associate with us. The first thing to acquire is a wedding license. Before the marriage, there has to be an approved marriage license. With this marriage license, one can come to Hawaii and enjoy the rest of the day. Just choose any of the packages and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and bliss of Oahu beaches for your marriage. The Hawaii wedding officiant will take care of the ceremony.

Strategies for Eloping on Oahu

We will give some tips and strategies to follow an elopement at Hawaii beach weddings. So, there are a lot of things to remember and plan before the marriage. Usually, people get worried because of this. With us, everything is made easy, and there is no room for worry. The day can be made beautiful and interesting at an affordable price. Choose the best beach in which marriage has to be celebrated. 

  • Select a beach with a full Hawaii wedding package:

    Plan to celebrate the wedding fully in Hawaii. There are many beautiful resorts and lodging in Hawaii. Choose the one that best fits the needs and plan accordingly. In this way, the expenses are reduced, and the full benefits are taken. 

  • Getting married on weekdays:

    Get married on a weekday. Most couples get married on weekends, and it is mostly crowded with many people. Getting married on a weekday will help avoid the weekend crowd. Thus, expenses are also reduced.  So schedule your wedding on a weekday and you will have plenty of time, open space, and comfort. 

  • Limit the guest count of the wedding ceremony:

    It is natural to invite everyone to the wedding. Inviting everyone can quickly add up the cost, and it would be much convenient if only necessary people are invited to the wedding. The act makes the wedding ceremony look sweet and short, and one can save a lot of money. The pleasure usually diminishes with a large crowd.

  • Research properly about Oahu beach wedding

It is mandatory to do proper research and study before planning the marriage party. Oahu offers you many advantages and convenience. Get into our site and have a deep look into the various options available and the prices. Plan accordingly. With us, everything is transparent and convenient. Your Hawaii wedding officiant is the one who will lead the ceremony.

Why choose us for an Elopement in Hawaii?

We offer many advantages to the wedding ceremony.  We have different plans which make it convenient for the wedding plan. Also, we give many tips and strategies to make the wedding more affordable. Call us pioneers in this field, committed to providing the best possible solution for the wedding ceremony.  Believeing in the couple’s comfort and satisfaction is top priority. 

Things to know about an Elopement on Oahu

Thus, there will be many things that can come to mind when planning a wedding ceremony in Hawaii. Getting answers to these are important. Just fill out the reservation form and make a deposit with us to make a reservation for your wedding.  That is all you need to get start.  Arrive at least two days before the wedding day. By doing this, one gets enough rest and comfort on the day of the wedding. Getting a marriage license is a very simple process in Hawaii. There is nothing complicated. The wedding ceremony usually takes 15 minutes. After that, the wedding document is signed. Dress comfortably and elegant for the wedding. It is a day to remember, and dressing plays a vital role. 

Making changes to the elopement package plan

Yes, one can make changes to the wedding package plan. If there is any inconvenience or difficulty, one can always change the plan. Also, we have different plans available, and one needs to go through different plans to choose the best one. Therefore, it is very important to choose the plan according to the budget and convenience. 

Are there any discounts or offers with pricing plans?

Yes. We have partnered with Aston and Aqua hotels.  Couples and their guests can get a 15% discount in room rates. We think the costs for the entire wedding party should be affordable.  So, we provide all the options to make the wedding celebration cheaper and convenient. 

Elopement Packages on Oahu are stress free and convenient. With beautiful beaches and resorts, Hawaii is the best place for a wedding. We are providing excellent services in this area and would like to invite you to partner with us. Make your wedding day special and memorable. We have different discounts and tips to make it cost-effective. Put your trust in us, and we ensure your wedding ceremony is the best thing to remember for you in the future.

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