A vow renewal is a post-nuptials ceremony that serves to celebrate the union of marriage. It generally occurs years after the wedding, often on a milestone anniversary, and allows a couple to reaffirm their commitment to one another. It’s also a good excuse to vacation in Hawaii! And on that note, you want to know how much it costs to renew your wedding vows in the embrace of the North Pacific’s most famed archipelago. It’s a lot more affordable you may think. Better yet, you don’t have to cut corners on the romance of it all when you book your outdoor vow renewal with Islander Weddings. Below is a breakdown of what it costs to renew your vows on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, complete with details of what you get to enjoy with each package.

What it Costs for an Outdoor Vow Renewal Ceremony on Oahu in Hawaii with Islander Weddings

Islander Elopement (or Vow Renewal) Plan | $295

For Married Couples Who Don’t Need a Big Fuss

To you, a vow renewal should be a deeply personal experience that doesn’t require much more than the two most important people (you and your spouse) and a setting that exemplifies your passionate love for one another. This is where the Islander Elopement Plan, which double-times as a vow renewal, comes in. Your ceremony will be held in one of the most beautiful outdoor settings (you choose) that Oahu has to offer. It also includes planning, coordinating, officiating, and a musician. View everything you need to know about our affordable Islander “Vow Renewal Plan” right here.

Islander Extra Plan | $645

For Married Couples Who Also Want it on Camera

Did your wedding from years ago have a few hiccups when it came down to photographs? Whether you thought it would be cute to use instant print cameras or depended on cousin Larry to snap photos, the end result wasn’t what you’d hoped for. For this reason (or other) you want your vow renewal ceremony to include a photographer. This makes the Islander Extra Plan ideal for you. The package includes everything from the Islander Elopement/Vow-Renewal Plan (above) but also includes fresh orchid leis and your very own professional photographer. View more on this affordable Oahu outdoor ceremony with photographer package.

Islander Elite Plan | $945

For Married Couples Who Also Want an Escort to Their Renewal Ceremony

Everything you read about the Islander Extra Plan sounds great. However, you were hoping for a lift to your outdoor vow renewal ceremony. As a couple who have been together for years, you know that a marriage takes work – but you don’t want the same for the celebration of your union. Take away the headache of securing passage to your ceremony by choosing the Islander Elite Plan. In addition to all of the advantages included in the other plan above, spouses (including those with a small renewal ceremony party in tow) will enjoy 2-hour 8-passenger limousine service. Even with this “elite” status the cost of your Hawaii vow renewal surprisingly remains below $1000. View more on the Islander Elite Plan.

Islander Extravagant Plan | $1545

For Married Couples Who Want it ALL (without debt)

You like what you read about the Islander Elite Plan, but can’t shake the feeling that something is missing. It has checked the boxes on planning, officiating, paradisiacal setting, fresh island leis, a musician, a photographer, and a limousine. What more could you need? How about adding a vow renewal ceremony videographer who will provide both an edited (with soundtrack) and a raw video to commemorate your affirmation? You will enjoy it ALL with our Islander Extravagant Plan without getting into debt like so many couples do when holding a poorly planned ceremony in Hawaii. View more on this extravagant yet modestly priced Oahu vow renewal plan right here.

Do you have any other questions about how much it costs for a vow renewal in Hawaii, or anything else related to your celebration of love and commitment? Contact Islander Weddings anytime.

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