You’ve always wanted to get married on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. Doing so is symbolic in so many ways. What better way to start a new chapter in your life than at the same time the annum begins anew? It may also tie into your resolutions as an individual and a couple. And while a NYE/NY wedding is wondrous enough on its own, you are thinking about taking it up a notch by getting hitched in Hawaii. But is a new year wedding in Hawaii a good idea? More than you could ever have imagined! Beyond the obvious benefits of a ceremony with a tropical paradise as a backdrop, there are other advantages that you may not have considered. This especially true when you choose Islander Weddings to facilitate the whole thing. Below is everything you need to know!

Why a New Year’s Eve/Day Wedding on Oahu in Hawaii with Islander Weddings is a GREAT Idea

Availability, Availability, Availability

You’ve heard the expression “location, location, location” apply to event venue selection. That’s fine and dandy, but when it comes to New Year’s wedding bookings it’s more about “availability, availability, availability”.  What do you think the odds of finding an available space in the likes of New York, New Orleans, or other destination that’s known for being magical during the Holiday season? Even small town venues are booked out well in advance for NYE/NY weddings.

Isn’t availability also a problem in the vacation destination of Hawaii, especially on the archipelago’s most populated island of Oahu? For those who want to get married at a hotel/resort on-site chapel, absolutely. However, when you choose Islander Weddings for your ceremony, you get access to unmatched and available venues that you may not have considered. Our outdoor wedding locations offer couples access to the most beautiful, paradisiacal, and impressive “venues” on the island. The innate nature of getting married in nature ensures availability. Options include the south shore’s Magic Island, the windward side’s Sandy Beach, and the fabled North Shore, among a number of other options. A beach or beach-park wedding ensures availability at this popular time of the year. Although, while these outdoors locations are essentially always available, you do need to book your time slot in advance with Islander Weddings.


Aligns with Your Other New Year Goals

You now have peace of mind regarding availability. However, a New Year wedding in Hawaii is a great idea for another relevant (to the time of the year) reason – it ties in perfectly with your resolutions for the year ahead!

Among America’s most common New Year’s resolutions is the pledge to travel more. A destination wedding in Hawaii certainly checks that box. The other most common resolution is to save money. This goal is generally impossible for those who plan a traditional wedding. The great news, is that when you book yours with Islander Weddings, you enjoy one of the most affordable options without sacrificing a sense of wonder and extravagance. Select one of the packages below for a magical wedding that doesn’t compromise your New Year resolution to make smarter financial decisions:

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