Perfect Wedding for Beachcomber and Beach Bum Couples

Do you and your beloved love nothing more than spending hours together, walking along a remote beach in search of treasures?  Is that time capped-off with a nap on a shared towel, with bouts of swimming, snorkeling, and/or surfing in between? If so, you can consider yourselves “beach bums”, and when the time comes only a beachcombing themed wedding will do. No matter where in the world you may be, there is no better place to find yourselves than right here in Hawai’i with Islander Weddings as your guide to the ultimate beachcomber wedding.

Why Proud ‘Beach Bums’ Choose Islander Weddings When in Search of a Beachcomber Wedding Destination

Ceremony on the Beach in Hawaii

Sure, you could deck out a chapel or backyard with seashell decor and other beachcombing themed accents, but there’s a fine line between fun, and tacky. Instead, we suggest that you come to the source of what connects the two of you – the ocean. Our neck of the North Pacific offers a bounty of sandy beaches with tropical backdrops that stand-in as wallpapers on MacBook and PC screens around the mainland. Islander Weddings facilitates access to these beaches, and can assist with getting a permit for a beach wedding on Oahu. All that you need to do is select which beach you desire (more on this below) and choose a wedding package that suits your budget and other preferences.

Beaches for Post-Nuptial Beachcombing

If you really want to lean into the theme of a beachcomber wedding, then we suggest picking a beach that offers you an opportunity to treasure hunt after the ceremony. Even better, is that you can make this a part of your wedding photos and video when you select the appropriate package. For instance, our Oahu Elopement with Photographer Plan offers a professional 1-hour photo shoot with more than 100 photos provided for download. Your photographer can trail behind as you and your newly minted spouse pluck eye-catching bits of coral from the shore. Or, you may choose our Extravagant Oahu Elopement with Videographer Plan to do the same but with professional videography in tow. Furthermore, you’ll be delighted to know that we have the intel on which beaches (that allow weddings) have the best beachcombing on Oahu. Sandy Beach is renowned for the heart-shaped coral that washes up on the southern end of its shore. Meanwhile, North Shore beaches such as Papa‘iloa offer-up silky smooth driftwood, while Ke Iki’s sand is host to sunrise shells (if you get lucky), cowry shells, and more glistening seaglass than you can fit into a mason jar. We can help you decide on which beach best suits your beach bum wedding desires when you contact us to learn more.

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