There are a number of reasons for wanting to do a vow renewal. For one, it can commemorate a milestone wedding anniversary such as 5, 10, 15, 20 years or more. Married couples may also choose to do a vow renewal after a life-changing event such as having their first child or buying their first family home. Those who have gone through and come out on the positive side of a rough patch may also choose to strengthen their bond through a vow renewal ceremony.

No matter the motivation a vow renewal is certainly a magical way to celebrate the constitution of marriage and all that it may entail. You’re all-in on this idea, but one question remains; where to renew wedding vows between you and your beloved? Before you can come to a conclusion there are three other questions you should first ask yourself. Let’s review!

3 Other Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding on Where to Renew Your Wedding Vows

Are You Open to a Destination Vow Renewal?

Have you considered a destination vow renewal? The advantages of this are essentially the same as they are for a destination wedding. To begin with, you don’t want to enjoy a vow renewal only to get back to the daily grind the very next day. Instead, a destination vow renewal also allows you to take a much-deserved second honeymoon. A destination vow renewal also negates the need to invite others to your ceremony out of obligation. Moreover, an exotic destination offers venues for renewing your vows that you probably won’t find in your home city or town unless you are blessed enough to already live in paradise. If you really want your ceremony to be meaningful, we highly recommend that you book yours in a Hawaiian paradise.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

We know what you’re thinking – a destination vow renewal sounds amazing, but given the cost-of-living in a tropical destination such as Hawaii, won’t the cost of a ceremony be excessive? It all depends on which service you choose for your special day. For instance, Islander Weddings on Oahu has put together packages that are surprisingly low if not downright mind-blowing. Package prices range from just $295 to $1545 depending on how much you want to spend and how memorable you want the ceremony to be (more on this below). View more on How Much Does it Cost to Renew Weddings Vows in Hawaii.

Do You Want it to be Memorable?

Admittedly, any vow renewal ceremony will be memorable. However, how memorable do you want the affair to be? This will be the final criteria when deciding where to renew weddings vows. Not only does the island of Oahu offer the most idyllic outdoor ceremony settings you could ever imagine (view location options) the island is home to Islander Weddings. As alluded to above, we offer tiered packages that let you dictate the type of experience you desire for you and your wedded companion. While they may be called elopement or wedding packages, they are also perfect for vow renewal ceremonies. Choose how memorable you want yours to be by referencing the options below:

Do you have any other questions about where to renew your vows in Hawaii, or anything else related to your celebration of love and commitment? Contact Islander Weddings anytime.

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