Whether you find this article in advance of your family’s spring break, summertime, or just-because vacation to Oahu, you’re looking for a special way to bring everyone together on the island. How does an outdoor vow renewal sound? While it may seem like a “spectator sport” for everyone but you and your spouse, it can actually be a wonderful experience for your children too. Let’s find out why a vow renewal with your Ohana in Hawaii is a great idea.

Why a Vow Renewal with Your Kids in Hawaii Will be an Amazing Experience for the Family

Benefits of a Family Vow Renewal with Islander Weddings

In addition to the romantic notion of reaffirming your love for one another, having your children involved imparts other important benefits.

The Institute for Family Studies (IFS) reports that children with parents who visibly show love for each other attain higher levels so education and remain married later in life. The IFS also references research which confirms the more children witness displays of love between parents the better they tend to behave. The latter alone is enough to encourage a family vow renewal on your next Hawaiian vacation.

In addition to the holistic advantages for familial wellness, a ceremony with Islander Weddings provides your family with a surprisingly affordable adventure (outdoors) that your children will adore. They will forever remember being together under swaying palm trees as saltwater laps the shore, witnessing their parents exchange vows.  To add more family fun to the experience, book a location such as Magic Island (which has a calm lagoon) so that you and the kids can jump into the ocean when the ceremony is done!

How to Get Your Children Involved

As mentioned above, a family vow renewal needn’t be a spectator activity for the kids. You can get them involved in a number of ways.

For example, you can let them write your vows. We guarantee that the results will warm your heart and likely garner some giggles at the same time. Your kids can also walk either parent (or both) down the sandy aisle which will look amazing on film when you book a ceremony with photography or with a videographer. On that note, you can task your children to shoot their own photos and videos (with your family’s cameras/smartphones) to get a “kids eye” perspective on the affair. Lastly, ask your kids to get creative with arts and crafts to make decorations for your outdoor ceremony in the days leading up to it. Many hotels in Honolulu offer free on-site lessons for traditional lei and haku kupe’e (bracelet) making that your kids can apply to their decorating plans. You can also pick up Hawaiian maile garland at local markets which your children can weave flowers and other decorative accents into. The possibilities are endless when you let your kids’ imaginations run wild in paradise.

Gather around with your children and have a look at the following packages to find an option that suits your Ohana.

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