Islander Weddings is Oahu’s premiere vow renewal specialist (for a lack of better words). As such, we have covered a number of topics on the matter to help married couples make decisions about How to Renew Wedding Vows in Hawaii, Where to Renew Wedding Vows, and have provided answers as to How Much it Costs to Renew Vows here on the island. However, there is one question that lingers on the hearts and minds of couples, or a spouse who is wondering if they should present the idea to their wedded partner. While the answer to the question about “when should you do a vow renewal?” is a nuanced one, we’d be remiss to not take our pedigree in romance to help inquiring minds (yours included) come to a conclusion. Read ahead for some helpful insight.

5 Times in Your Life as a Married Couple That it Makes Sense to Do a Vow Renewal Ceremony

I. Milestone Anniversary

This is the most common motivator for married couples. Commemorate your 5, 10, 15, 20, or other milestone anniversary with a vow renewal ceremony while on your next Hawaiian vacation.

II. Spouse’s Milestone Birthday

Surprise your spouse on a milestone birthday by asking for their hand in marriage for a second time. This is especially special for those with spouses who feel anxiety about getting older with each passing year. You can nip their insecurities in the bud by reiterating your love and letting them know that you still find them as beautiful/handsome and amazing as ever before. So much in fact that you would (and will) marry them all over again!

III. Soon After Having a Child

Having children is AMAZING but it can also be taxing on the relationship as nearly all attention diverts from one another to the bouncing bundle of joy. While kids tend to take top priority for 18-years (often more) it’s important to take a moment for the two of you soon after each child (as applicable) is born. What better way to celebrate your marriage and newfound parenthood together than through a vow renewal?

IV. After the Kids Have Left the Nest

Fast forwarding from the motivating factor above, is the moment when the last child in the household has flown the coop. If you’re new “empty nesters” you should celebrate your own freedom together via a vow renewal in Hawaii. Just don’t invite your grownup kids because you also deserve a post-renewal second honeymoon without distraction (wink wink, nudge nudge).

V. After a Rough Patch

Lastly, we must address one of the most important times to consider a vow renewal. As most married couples know, there are rough patches. Some are more trying than others, such as with temporary separations and the like. If this has happened, or is happening in your relationship at the moment, and you’re ready to move passed the bad times and reignite your love, passion, and flame, a vow renewal provides the necessary spark.

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