How to Elope in Hawaii

You’ve weighed the drawbacks and benefits of an elopement in the Hawaiian islands and the latter won by a mile. Was there ever any doubt? Maybe not, but you still have one key question – how to elope in Hawaii? It may feel a little intimidating given that the islands are at least a 6-hour flight from your mainland home. Thankfully you’ve arrived here ahead of time. Islander Weddings has the step-by-step answer you’re looking for. Without further ado, let’s review!

5 Easy Steps to Planning and Enjoying the Perfect Elopement in Hawaii

Pick Your Hawaiian Island

There are eight Hawaiian islands. Four of them have the required infrastructure for a relatively easy elopement, but one stands out above them all – Oahu. The island of Oahu has the framework, accommodations, amenities, activities, and attractions that will make your elopement and après-wedding experience more affordable, enjoyable, and stress-free. View more on why couples choose Oahu for their destination wedding in Hawaii.

Pick an Outdoor Elopement Venue

While Vegas may be the world’s capital for quick-wedding chapels, an elopement in Hawaii takes place amidst the paradisiacal scene provided by Papahānaumoku (loosely defined as Mother Nature). An outdoor wedding for two in Hawaii is not just a heavenly concept, it’s more affordable than the less desirable alternatives. There are some small caveats to consider, as the City of Honolulu does not allow wedding permits (more on this below) for certain “venues”. Fret not, because have removed the guesswork and laid out the best Oahu outdoor wedding locations for you to choose from.

Get Your License and Permit

This is the only “red tape” to contend with, but it’s a fairly easy process for couples of all genders, types, and walks of life. Couples are required to submit a license application with the State of Hawaii and get an outdoor wedding permit. You will get assistance with this when you choose an elopement package with Islander Weddings. Keep reading!

Choose an Elopement Package

What kind of elopement in Hawaii do you have in mind? Do you desire something small and exceedingly intimate without much fuss? Or do you want to invite a few loved ones and enjoy something a little more robust with a professional photographer and videographer along with limo service? Islander Weddings has crafted four exquisite elopement packages to suit the tastes and desires of all couples. Click the links to review which one fits the two of you (and your budget) best:

Contact Islander Weddings

The final step is the easiest of them all. All that you need to do email [email protected] or call +1 (808) 354-3771 to get the ball rolling on your exciting elopement in paradise.

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