How Much Does it Cost to Elope in Hawaii?

Next to the romantic notion of an intimate ceremony for two, the biggest benefit of an elopement is the fact that it’s budget friendly. That being said, you’ve decided to enjoy your special day (and honeymoon) in the most romantic place on earth – Hawaii. You’re now wondering if the financial trade-off of an inexpensive wedding is balanced out by the fact that you’ll be eloping in the most expensive state in the USA. So how much does it cost to elope in Hawaii? Not as much as you may think if you choose Oahu for your destination wedding and Islander Weddings as the facilitator. We offer outdoor and beach wedding packages that provide an idilic setting while keeping your budget in check. Below is a breakdown of what it costs to elope on Oahu depending on what you desire for your special day.

What it Costs to Elope on Oahu in Hawaii with Islander Weddings

Islander Elopement Plan | $295

For Couples Who Want a Simple Intimate Outdoor Ceremony

Couples are surprised at how affordable it can be to elope in Hawaii when they find out about our Islander Elopement Plan. In fact, you can easily spend this much ($295) on a full course dinner with drinks at Duke’s or Roy’s in Waikiki or other popular dining destination. Better yet, this inexpensive elopement package does not come at the expense of a memorable experience. Your ceremony will take place in one of the most beautiful outdoor settings (you choose) that the island has to offer, and also includes planning, coordinating, officiating, and a musician. View everything you need to know about our affordable Islander Elopement Plan right here.

Islander Extra Plan | $645

For Couples Who Want it All on Camera Too

You desire a small intimate ceremony but want to go big when it comes to capturing the moments by camera. Whether you want a lot of photos to share on Instagram, to email family on the mainland, to print for your walls back home or ALL of the above, the Islander Extra Plan is for you. This package includes everything from the Islander Elopement Plan (above) but also includes fresh orchid leis and your very own professional photographer. View more on this affordable Oahu elopement with photographer package.

Islander Elite Plan | $945

For Couples Who Also Want an Escort to Their Ceremony

You like everything you’ve read above about the other two elopement packages. There’s just one hitch – you desire transportation to/from your hotel or vacation rental and an Uber/Lyft XL simply won’t do! This is where our Islander Elite Plan comes to the rescue. In addition to all of the benefits afforded by the other two plans above, couples (including those with a small wedding party in tow) will enjoy 2-hour 8-passenger limousine service. Even with this “elite” status the cost of your Hawaii elopement remains amazingly below $1000. View more on the Islander Elite Plan.

Islander Extravagant Plan | $1545

For Couples Who Want it ALL (while keeping within budget)

A professionally planned intimate outdoor wedding in paradise complete with island leis, a musician, a photographer, and a limousine sounds perfect. How about adding a wedding videographer who will provide both an edited (with soundtrack) and a raw video to commemorate your memorable union? You will enjoy it ALL with our Islander Extravagant Plan without getting into debt like so many newlyweds in Hawaii do when they don’t plan accordingly. View more on this extravagant yet modestly priced Oahu elopement plan right here.

Do you have any other questions about how much it costs to elope in Hawaii, or anything else related to your special day to come? Contact Islander Weddings anytime.

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