Oahu Wedding Packages for Just the Two of You

You have realized that one of the key benefits of a destination wedding is that you can limit the “guest list” to just the two of you without offending anyone. Moreover, you know that Oahu is the best island for a destination wedding. The puzzle pieces are coming together quite nicely; now you just need to find Oahu wedding packages for two that suit your desires. That’s where Islander Weddings comes in. Below is everything you need to know to book your private nuptials with confidence.

Why Couples Who Want a Private Ceremony-for-Two on Oahu Choose Islander Weddings’ Wedding Packages

Because an Outdoor Venue is Perfect for an Intimate Wedding for Two

You’re not about to book a resort chapel, yacht club, or banquet hall for your intimate ceremony; nor do you want to get hitched at Honolulu City Hall. So what other types of wedding packages for two are there that make sense for your wishes? An outdoor wedding of course!

Our island is blessed with 227 miles of coastline, adjacent beach parks, and lush outdoor expanses that make for a more heavenly setting than any opulent (and expensive) resort property. Find yourselves exchanging vows hand-in-hand under the  shade of palms with your toes in the sand. It really doesn’t get much better than this. View location options provided by Islander Weddings Oahu wedding packages for two:

Best Outdoor Wedding Packages for Two

We’ve laid out the rationale for an outdoor beach wedding, now let’s get to the goods! Islander Weddings has a number of affordable Hawaii wedding packages to accommodate your preferences. They range from the bare basics (all you need is love, after all) to more extravagant options (seeing as you save money by not having guests). As per your desires, we will arrange photography/videography, limosecene service, music, and more. And of course, we provide for the wedding permit and licensed officiant to perform your ceremony. Below is a breakdown of the four available wedding package options:

If you have any additional questions about our packages and what you need to know about having an outdoor wedding on Oahu, you can view our FAQ page to learn more. Alternatively, feel free to contact us anytime for custom additions or anything else you want to know about.