The summertime is an ideal time to plan a wedding. This is especially true if you, like one-third of the nation’s population, enjoys time off from work or other responsibilities somewhere between late June through to the Labor Day long-weekend. The only question that remains, is where to enjoy your upcoming summer vacation wedding? While warm weather across the continent opens up a number of opportunities for an outdoor wedding, there’s a strong case to be made for Hawaii. Let’s review!

Why a Summer Vacation Wedding on Oahu HI with Islander Weddings is the Perfect Choice for You and Your Beloved

It’s Sunny Season!

Summer Vacation Wedding Hawaii

While the weather on Oahu is beautiful practically all year long (unlike our wet neighbors of Kauai) we do technically have a rainy season. Rainy season runs from November to March, with dry season spanning April to October. The driest run of weather occurs in July and August, which is aligns with your desire for a summer vacation wedding. Whether you choose Magic Island on the South Shore, or a hidden gem on the rural North Shore, the sun will more than likely shine on your union during the season.

Your Time in Hawaii is Actually a Vacation

As alluded to in the introduction, a summer vacation wedding is ideal because you can have an outdoor ceremony anywhere on the continent with relative peace of mind regarding the weather. However, if you have the ceremony in your own town, city, or state, it’s not really a summer vacation wedding, is it? It’s just a summer wedding. Put the “vacation” back in your plans by heading to the most perfect destination in the world. From the moment your plane arrive at Honolulu International Airport (HNL) your summer vacation wedding will have started. And as soon as the ceremony has concluded, the honeymoon begins!

Packages to Include Fellow Vacationers

While our Islander Elopement Package is extremely popular, not every summertime destination wedding ceremony is intended for just two. You may have a small group of friends or family who plan to capitalize on their own summer vacation time by attending your nuptials in Hawaii. We have more robust packages to accommodate this preference. Check out all of our packages below and select one that suits your outdoor wedding party’s need the most:

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