Benefits of a Destination Wedding in Hawaii

You’re struggling to decide between a wedding in your home city/town or within the archipelagic embrace of Hawaii. While the latter may seem too whimsical to be realistic, there are actually practical benefits of a destination wedding in the 50th state. Before you send out your “save the dates” have a look at the advantages of wedding in our far-flung paradise.

4 Practical Advantages of Having a Destination Wedding on Oahu Hawaii

Wedding and Honeymoon Rolled Up in One

With each passing year, the island of Oahu continues to be among the top-ranked honeymoon destinations in the USA.  By tethering your wedding to the very place you desire for your honeymoon, you make life much easier for yourselves. Logistically speaking, you will enjoy having the whole affair occur in one place. Moreover, you can save money by packaging two experiences (wedding and honeymoon) into one destination. SImply out, this is the most practical (and obvious) benefit of a destination wedding.

Limits Guest List

The size of the guest list is what ultimately consumes most of a couples’ wedding budget. Wedding Calculator reports that the average cost is $250 per person. This fact encourages couples to mitigate expenses by cutting down the guest list. The problem with this, is that you risk offending friends, family, coworkers, and associates with each and every exclusion. This puts you in a very tough spot when getting wed near home. Conversely, when you have a destination wedding, you can be sure that a significant percentage of invited guests will not RSVP. Many will not have the time to attend a wedding in Hawaii. Furthermore, you may omit inviting a number of prospective guests. People you work with, neighbors, and distant cousins (etc.) would not expect to be invited to a destination wedding.

When it comes to managing your guest list, a wedding in Hawaii delivers a win-win scenario.

Save a Small Fortune by Wedding Outdoors

The top two benefits (above) of a destination wedding allude to saving money. It doesn’t stop there. When you plan a wedding in Hawaii, you enjoy another cost-saving option that may not have been viable on the mainland – an outdoor wedding.

Not every city and town in the USA is conducive to such a thing, especially if y0u plan a wedding outside of ideal summer months. When getting married on Oahu, you can skip expensive resort chapels and ballrooms, and instead leverage the island’s bounty of 227 miles of shoreline. Along the shores are numerous beach parks and other lush properties that are equally idillic (if not more so) for your wedding than the designated square footage of a 5-Star resort. All that it costs is a wedding permit (click here) and affordable wedding package of your choosing.

Nothing Can Go Wrong, Even if it Does

Thus far, we’ve featured very practical benefits of a destination wedding. This last perk may not be “practical” but it’s very important. You want your wedding day to be perfect, Of course, perfection is often unattainable, and when it comes to the big day something can go wrong. Guests may arrive late, you may tear or stain your dress, you may forget to bring something important, and more. It can be a tough pill to swallow when getting married in your current area code. But when you’re in paradise, the potential challenges and stresses slide off of your newly tanned shoulders to disappear into the golden sands.

Note: Ensure greater odds of success of a perfect wedding by choosing a package that includes everything you need and desire.

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