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Now that the date has been set and you have decided on your destination to exchange vows, you may be considering getting a wedding planner to ensure that your wedding day ends up being stress free and easy. Because many people are traveling from the mainland or from overseas, having a local wedding planner in Hawaii can help make your special day a success.

While you are exchanging vows in an idyllic island setting, you need to realize you are also flying at least five hours from your home and will be in a new place with its own rules and customs. A local wedding planner can help iron out all the little difficulties that come with a destination and beach wedding.

Wedding Planners for All Budgets

You don’t need to have a large budget to hire a local wedding planner. Many wedding planners can work within quite small budgets. In fact it is not uncommon for couples to want a simple yet beautiful wedding on the beach with just close friends and families. Many couples don’t want to start out their life together with a large wedding debt.

There are a variety of things a local wedding planner can do for you in Hawaii. They include the following:

  • Finding good wedding spots that meets all your needs. They can also get any permits required for the wedding destination and know which ones require them. Some parks don’t allow weddings but you can still do photographs.
  • Arranging for local flowers, lei’s and maile’s to give your wedding that Hawaiian look and feel that makes for great photography. Most wedding planners have florists and lei makers they work with to supply their weddings.
  • Supplying music for your event. Here in Hawaii we always provide a Ukulele player and singer for your ceremony. We have found this is quite popular option.
  • Limo Rentals – Renting a car in Hawaii can be a pain and quite expensive so many couples rent a limo for their big day. We have local companies we can refer you to for hassle free transportation.
  • Photographer and Videographer – Many times couples only want pictures and videos of the nuptials. Most wedding planners in Hawaii provide photography and videographer services as part of their services or plans.
  • Japanese weddings – Many wedding planners can work with Japanese couples here in the islands for their weddings. Communication can be difficult so having a wedding planner that speaks Japanese can make it less stressful for our Ohana from overseas.

Whether you are coming from the mainland, Australia or Japan, let Islander Weddings be your local wedding planner in Hawaii. Take a look at our affordable yet full featured wedding plans we provide for couples. If you need something more full featured, contact us and we can put you in touch with a few other wedding planners that handle larger more complex weddings.

Our Wedding Plans

You can see all our plans here: WEDDING PLANNER PACKAGES . Our plans are very affordable yet full featured!

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